About Athena Club:

Athena Club is a one-stop shop that is transforming the personal care industry. They offer high-quality, affordable essentials across Body, Wellness, and Period Care through a convenient subscription service, so that you never run out of what you need.

Athena Club Commission Rate Details:

Yazing members earn 10% of Sales.

How Yazing Works:

Yazing gives you instant access to earn top commissions from 4,552 brand ambassador & influencer programs including the Athena Club brand ambassador & influencer program. You will promote the up to date Athena Club deal and coupon code page on Yazing.

Why Yazing vs. Traditional Affiliate Links?

  • 100% Commissions – Yazing pre-negotiates the highest commission rate from Athena Club and you earn 100% of the commissions for every sale you generate.*

  • Current Coupons & Deals – The Athena Club promotional page is always fresh with the latest Athena Club offers so shoppers don’t need to go looking for coupon codes from sites that steal the commissions.

  • Link Once & Relax – When Athena Club switches commission tracking networks or updates their links, we take care of everything and your Yazing links remain the same!

* Yazing charges a small payment processing and services fee of 10% on all cash rewards payouts.

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