About CleanBoss:

CleanBoss - Developed and launched by famed inventor Joy Mangano, their mission is to develop and deliver technologies designed to help clean, enhance and beautify every part of your world. It's their time to help you live and lead a better, brighter life. With the CleanBoss hand sanitizer suite of products it's a whole new day to tackle the fight against germs.

CleanBoss Commission Rate Details:

Yazing members earn 6% of Sales.

How Yazing Works:

Yazing gives you instant access to earn top commissions from 4,474 affiliate programs including the CleanBoss affiliate program. You will promote the up to date CleanBoss deal and coupon code page on Yazing.

Why Yazing vs. Traditional Affiliate Links?

  • 100% Commissions – Yazing pre-negotiates the highest commission rate from CleanBoss and you earn 100% of the commissions for every sale you generate.*

  • Current Coupons & Deals – The CleanBoss promotional page is always fresh with the latest CleanBoss offers so shoppers don’t need to go looking for coupon codes from sites that steal the commissions.

  • Link Once & Relax – When CleanBoss switches affiliate networks or updates their links, we take care of everything and your Yazing links remain the same!

* Yazing charges a small payment processing and services fee of 10% on all cash rewards payouts.

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